At Art+Science, we believe in education. And we believe in training. Regardless of previous experience, all of our stylists and colorists must successfully complete the advanced apprenticeship program before they are allowed to work with our customers. We teach hands-on classes as well as host endless in-house educational events. The training they receive is second to none and creates a truly solid foundation for an experience of developing technical mastery and creativity. Taking the raw talent of our stylists and honing it into cutting edge technique is a cornerstone of our culture. We were founded on the traditional European system of apprenticeship, and we continue to practice this philosophy today. We believe in recruiting our stylists based on their talent and passion, which is something that cannot be taught, and then giving them all the training they need to hone these valuable resources into professional grade technique.

Beyond our apprenticeship, our stylists never stop cultivating their skills through extended education globally. Our colorists have participated in productions and education at the Revlon Professional Academy in Paris, Barcelona and Madrid.

We are a truly close-knit group. And each and every face you meet here is truly the face of Art+Science as a whole.





Meet George. He is a master stylist at our Evanston salon as well as a partner in Art+Science. George was an American Crew All-Star for 12 straight years and has been a MensDept. International Artist since 2011. He has an advanced education that includes industry greats such as Vidal Sassoon, Bumble and Bumble, Shu Uemura and Pivot Point International. He has headlined in hair show tours in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

George has the ability to see the deeper meaning and purpose in almost anything. As a stylist, this means he recognizes that when he is able to help clients look better on the outside, it changes how they feel on the inside. To him, being a stylist is not just about hair; it’s about connection and recognizing and relating to the whole person.

With such an ability to see the beauty in all things, it should come as no surprise that George is a talented session stylist. His hair work has been published in industry and fashion magazines.

He has two boys and enjoys golf, tennis and music.











Meet Susan. This young lady started her journey to master colorist at the age of fourteen, and we could not be happier her journey led her to us. Susan is currently the Color Director of our Wicker Park salon, one of our key educators as well as a manager and partner.

Susan has trained at some of the most prestigious academies around the world, from Vidal Sassoon in both London and Los Angeles to Bumble and Bumble in New York to Revlon Professional in Madrid and Paris. Susan is honest-to-God inspired every day by what she does. You can see the joy she finds in working with stylists to create a total look for clients written all over her face. She is one of those rare people that radiates happiness and we love how contagious that is. She considers the time she spends with her clients an on-going conversation that never ends and thinks of each of them as family.

When not in the salon, you will usually find Susan on an airplane heading to some incredible destination. But when staying closer to home, she loves running along the lakefront. Maybe that’s where she picks up all those good vibes.











Meet Amy. She has been a trusted stylist with Art+Science for 17 years. She is an incredible stylist who always just intuitively knows what style you will look best with. She is an excellent manager and will soon officially become one of our partners! Amy’s commitment to her craft is endless and is matched only by the care she gives her clients. A true relationship builder at heart, Amy cares not just for the hair, but also the individual. Her clients adore her in and out of the chair. They share time, conversations and even a book club. Her favorite moment as a stylist? Watching a client’s eyes light up and a smile come across their face when they realize how just a little change can make all the difference.

Amy has continually crafted her creativity and technical skills through the years with such places as Vidal Sassoon, Bumble and Bumble, Jet and Rhys, Nick Arrojo and Vivienne McKinder.

She loves to read, travel and cook. She will soon be starting improv classes at Second City hoping to finally get her stand-up routine out from behind the chair and onto the Chicago Stage. Let’s hope she doesn’t quit her day job.











Meet Alice. An incredibly talented, highly creative stylist we have had the joy of working with for 19 years. Alice’s elite training includes studying at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, Bumble and Bumble University as well as with Kerastase, Shu Uemura and Vivienne MacKinder. A favorite around town, Alice has shared her skills as a freelance stylist for TimeOut Chicago, Chicago Fashion Week and the Chamber Opera of Chicago.

Alice loves dressing and styling clients for special occasions such as weddings, black tie events and date nights. She believes everyone has the potential to look and feel like a celebrity supermodel and has a knack for making clients look and feel amazing. She also loves abstract painting and working with wigs and hairpieces, all of which makes her invaluable at our fashion shows and our Art + Science photo shoots.













Meet Rob. A true creative spirit, he expresses himself through drawing, writing, photography and, of course, styling. Rob actually began studying cosmetology in high school and as he likes to say, “Once I discovered the art of cutting hair, my world was never the same.” Whether creative or classic, Rob approaches every shape with both precision and vision. Allure magazine has referred to him as “the bob master” and he has also been featured in American and Modern Salon Magazines for his creative work with curly hair.

Rob would never tell you himself but he is, without question, one of the greatest hair cutting masters art + science has ever had the privilege to help develop in its 24 years. He has studied at the Haskana Institute, Vidal Sassoon Academy, Revlon, Bumble and Bumble Institute as well as with Style Masters in Madrid, Spain. He credits his training with the Vidal Sassoon Academy for sealing the deal with his love affair with precision cutting. When not loving every single minute of working with his clients, Rob can be found working out and indulging his inner foodie at all the amazing restaurants throughout Chicago.

On top of it all, Rob is still a kid at heart. Don’t be surprised to find him buried in a comic book or immersed in a video game if you run into him.