Creativity, sharply honed and openly shared, is our driving force. And nowhere is it clearer than with our owners.

Paul Wilson and David Raccuglia are the visionaries and owners of Art+Science. Each of these leaders brings so much vision, heart and creativity to our salons and our culture, as well as to their own lives outside of business.



Stylist. Artist. Innovator. Photographer. Documentarian.


David Raccuglia has spent his entire career evolving in the professional salon industry. Founder of American Crew, David has redefined the product category and style possibilities for men. As CEO and Creative Director, David was responsible for growing American Crew into one of the largest global men’s professional brands and was also Principle Photographer for American Crew during its formative years, responsible for all the black and white imagery that is the cornerstone of the Men’s Category today.

Over the past 20 years, David has grown Art+Science from one to three salons, which all bring vision and style to the vibrant neighborhoods of Chicago.

Along with leading the creative endeavors of his companies, David has photographed cultural icons and luminaries such as Iggy Pop, The Dalai Lama, Yoko Ono, Gary Oldman, Ray Charles, Jack Nicholson and Rob Lowe. As you can imagine, this makes him a ton of fun to talk to at a cocktail party, so be sure to join us for one of our many events!



Stylist. Artist. Mentor. Visionary.


Paul’s education started with a personal mentorship from John Stevens, a Sassoon and Toni&Guy-trained educator. Having immediately seen the power of a great education, Paul continued with advanced coursework at Toni&Guy, eventually leading him to become an educator for the brand. Ever true to his commitment to being the best, Paul honed his craft through a series additional courses at Vidal Sassoon, highlighted by a creative course in London in 2002.

Paul owned his first salon in Colorado Springs and in 1994, after taking his staff to a hair show that launched American Crew, he joined the All Star Team of this pioneering force in the industry.

Inspired by the vision of Art+Science, Paul moved to Chicago in 1997 to join the team and many amazing things grew from that choice. From partnership to ownership, Paul has stewarded the expansion of our salon into multiple locations. International Artistic Director for American Crew, the leading salon brand created for men, and a leader in men’s grooming worldwide, Paul travels around the globe developing and presenting new collections of hair cuts and styles, both on stage and at photo shoots. His work has been featured in Melbourne, Valencia, Prague, Budapest, Madrid, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Barcelona, and Rio de Janeiro and still Paul has time to work personally with his clientele in Chicago. He has a gentle touch and a razor-sharp, creative vision–the combination of which leads the creative direction of the salon as well as the staff mentoring.

Believing the brilliance lies in the details, Paul leaves no considerations out when cutting a client’s hair. From lifestyle to face shape to hair texture, your haircut will be custom crafted for you. His ability to combine technical work with a more sculptural brand of cutting is his trademark, and it always leads to a great style that’s easy to replicate at home and grows out perfectly.

Paul’s natural energy and passion for the men’s hair care business engages audiences, whether in an intimate classroom or with an international audience. He has an enlightened sense of art and design, allowing him to eloquently inspire through each and every haircut he executes. He styles hair for shows across the globe but loves nothing more than his life right here at home with his wife Kathy and son Emmett.