offering advanced ceu education to the hair community of illinois and beyond

For over 25 years, Art + Science has built its success on the foundation of education. As artists and masters of our craft, we succeed when we build strong relationships with our clients and it’s through continued education that we earn that success. We’re excited to announce the next stage of our education evolution with Art + Science Advanced CEU Academy. We share with you, the hairdressing community, the essentials of our foundation and our artistic vision. Join us, beginning February 2018.

Structure = foundation

These courses will help you understand the core principles of cutting, coloring and styling. They set the foundations of our creative work with men’s and women’s hair.

Abstract = creative

For those seeking advanced instruction, classes in the Abstract category will develop your eye for creativity. These classes specialize in advanced principles and techniques of cutting, coloring and styling.

Domestic Violence Certification

Per Illinois law, all Cosmetologists must receive at least 1 hour of Domestic Violence education to renew their license. We have partnered with a local professional counselor to provide excellent education so you can look out for your most vulnerable clients. Together we can save lives. All proceeds from the Domestic Violence Certification will be donated to a local women’s shelter.

Summer and fall 2019 Calendar

August 19th – Look and Learn part 1 – 7 CEU Hours and 1 Hr Domestic Violence Certification

Please join us on August 19th for 7 CEU Hours as well as the newly required 1 hour of Domestic Violence Education. We are offering a full day of look and learn education from the most successful educators on our salon team, with topics covering:

  • Salon Business Building
  • Editorial Women’s Cutting and Styling
  • Barbering with A+S Owner and American Crew Global Artistic Director Paul Wilson
  • Hair Painting
  • Highly Textured Hair Cutting and Styling

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September 16th – Look and Learn Part 2 – 7 CEU Hours and 1 Hr Domestic Violence Certification

As Part 2 of our look and learn, we are offering another full day of advanced education from the most successful educators on our salon team. We will also be offering the Domestic Violence Certification, though it is optional if you already have it. Topics include:

  • Social Media – Building Your Brand
  • Women’s Hair Design and Styling
  • Men’s Advanced Barbering
  • Editorial Hair Dressing

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December 9th – Building Business Mastery – with A+S GM Andrew Mooney

In the hair industry, a lot of people are working extremely hard but never feel as though they’re worth what they’re being paid. We all know the basics of how to build our business, but that’s only the beginning. In these 2 three hour courses, Art + Science General Manager Andrew Mooney will talk through the numbers and the principals that completely changed our business. Learn how to work smarter not harder, where to save money, where to spend it and how to build the career you deserve. Each class is $60, or $110 for both.

Business Building 101 – (10am – 1pm)

This half day class will cover the most important things to remember behind the chair and will be impactful for stylists and managers of all levels. How do you know when your business is healthy? How can you predict your next paycheck? The one after that? How do you know when to raise your prices without losing clients? These 3 hours will send you home with tools on how to focus on growing you business one client at a time.

Customer Service Mastery – (2pm – 5pm)

This course will expand beyond just numbers. How do you become the stylist that your clients love? This class will cover the essentials of customer service consistency, masterful consultations and the age old art of active listening. By the end of the full day you’ll see your business in a new light and, if you implement these principles, you will see immediate effects on your paycheck.

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