We are always hiring for our Advanced Apprenticeship program. Email us to apply.

Our Approach

Doing hair isn’t just a job, it’s a career. Art + Science was founded on a European style of apprenticeship where education is the essential foundation to a healthy career. Our goal is to provide a long term stable home for every stylist, colorist, and barber on the floor. Education is our core, and every member of our team has completed the advanced apprenticeship, regardless of their level or background. If you’re fresh out of school or been on the floor 10 years already, we hire stylists of all education and experience levels. Our philosophy is simple: knowledge can be taught. We hire the person, not the portfolio.

Is this just a school? No, every apprentice is a paid full-time member of the team. Because we offer this world class education in house, we ask all employees sign a 3 year education contract. The contract ensures that Art + Science will provide 46 weeks of education every year to assistants, as well as continuing advanced education once you are on the floor. We believe in our education so fully that we promise 1 year of walk-in priority to every new stylist who has completed the apprenticeship. Our locations see anywhere from 30-60 new clients every week, so that’s 30-60 new clients in your chair.

Open since 1989, we have developed a healthy and robust culture of excellence, passion, philanthropy, and collaboration. We are a departmentalized salon because we believe that the only way to truly become a master of your craft is to focus your skills on either cut or color, not both. The result of this means your clients will see one person for cut and one for color, creating an atmosphere of constant collaboration. We ask a lot of out of our team, and we give it right back. Every full time member of staff receives a full benefit package including health, dental, matching 401k and paid vacation. That’s not to mention the parties, photoshoots, runway shows, cut-a-thons and all the rest. Click the links below to learn more. If you have any questions, feel free to email our Head of Recruitment, Andrew at am@artandsciencesalon.com

Benefits + Compensation


We ask you to treat Art + Science as a career, and we promise to do so as well. Every full time staff member receives a full benefit package including health, dental, matching 401k and paid vacation. That’s not to mention the parties, photoshoots, runway shows, cut-a-thons and more. If you have any questions, email Andrew, Head of Recruitment, at am@artandsciencesalon.com.


Our assistants are paid an hourly wage as well as a weekly tipout and tips from clients. However, any stylist on the floor receives 1 year of walk-in priority as well as sliding scale commision. This sliding scale goes from 40%-55%, so the more you make, the more you make.

Between benefits, paid vacation and commission, a first year stylist on the floor typically makes $40,000+. Income increases year over year with raises as well as performance based quarterly bonuses. Our stylists can make of six figures a year over the course of their career.

Every full-time member of the Art + Science family receives a full benefits package after 90 days. This includes all assistants, front desk and support staff.

Health Insurance

Art + Science pays 50% of all premiums. All costs are deducted pre-tax on your paycheck. We have plans ranging from $150-$250 per month through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, with options for spousal and family coverage.

Dental Insurance

Similar to health insurance, we pay half. Plans are through Humana PPO and cost around $20 a month.

Matching 401k

Doing hair is amazing, but everyone deserves a chance to retire, right? Art + Science is committed to helping you plan for retirement. For the first 3% of your paycheck that you contribute to your 401k, A+S will match it dollar for dollar. For the next 2%, we will match it 50 cents on the dollar. In short, if you contribute 5% of your paycheck (pre or post tax, your choice), A+S will contribute a further 4% for a total of 9% per paycheck.

Paid Vacation

Sometimes, you just need to get away to recharge. After one year full-time on the floor, all employees receive 1 week paid vacation time. After 3 years, you receive 2 weeks paid. After 7 years, you get 2 weeks paid, one week unpaid. Being able to take a vacation and not worry about bills is one of the best benefits of all.


Learning about hair on mannequins is nothing compared to the real thing. That’s why we require every assistant to provide live models every week of education. This is one of the most challenging parts of our apprenticeship but don’t worry! We have plenty of avenues to help on your model search.

Every aspect of our apprenticeship is designed to turn you into the best possible stylist you can be. By the end of the program, you will know how to effortlessly market yourself and build your clientele. Our philosophy is simple: if you can’t get a client in your chair for $10, why should they see you for $60?

On average, it’s about 3-4 models per week, depending on your program. All model blowdries are free, barber cuts are $5, women’s cuts are $10 and color is $20. If you are interested in being a hair model for our program to see what education is like first hand, please visit salonapprentice.com to book with one of our team!


Our advanced apprenticeship has evolved since we were founded in 1989. Our team of educators pick through the curriculum every year with a fine-toothed comb (no pun intended) to make sure we’re on the forefront of style and craft. If you’re a hairstylist, you’re already an artist. Our intention is to provide the craft and technique to turn it into a science. Please contact us for more information regarding the details of our curriculum. Our programs range in length from 9 months to 2 years. It’s up to you.

Career Path

We are a company of achievers and we want to make sure everyone is moving forward with their career at all times. We are a medium sized company that acts like a small business, so we only promote from within. You’ve been on the floor 3 years, you’ve built a strong business, you’ve gotten raises and you’ve hit your goals. What next?

Become an Educator

Every member of our education team is a working stylist on the floor at an A+S location. Do you want to help craft the next generation of Art + Science stylists? You need passion, drive, and a commitment to excellence to join our education team.

Become a Manager

You might be the best stylist in town, but everyone needs coaching. Our location managers are the point people for each salon, handling crises and making sure the company is on the right path.

Take Your Career Further

Do you want to work for a product company? Session style on camera? Help with community outreach? The sky’s the limit…

Administrative Jobs

We are always on the lookout for passionate professionals who are seeking a high-volume salon environment. Trust us, it’s incredible to have a job where you’re surrounded by people who excel at their work every day. See below for all positions we are currently hiring. Please email a resume and cover letter to our Human Resources Manager, LaToya Jackson – HRartplusscience@gmail.com